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mariag002 05-28-2009 11:17 AM

Using a comb instead of the Denman
I read Fleurzty's blog entry a few months ago about the Goody comb: and if you scroll to the bottom you'll see my comment about how I should buy one.

OK so I finally bought the Goody comb at Walgreen's a few days ago and I could kick myself for not buying one sooner. I had reservations about using a wide tooth comb since going natural almost 2 years ago. I assumed that a comb would be hard to use on my thick hair, but that was far from the truth. I noticed that I pull about 50% less hair than I did with the Denman brush. As a matter of fact I can almost dare say that I hardly pull any hair at all.

Con - the comb doesn't define my curls, but WOW I am not pulling out as much hair! I just use the Denman to do that afterward.

Just wanted to say thanks to Fleurzty!! She rocks!
Oh and you don't have to buy that particular brand. Any wide toothed comb will do the trick. I just picked Goody because it was on sale at Walgreen's.


RozettaStone 05-28-2009 12:19 PM

Mebco Shower Detangler
I want to recommend the big Mebco Shower Detangler comb (I bought mine at Sally's). I've been using it to detangle, then use my Denman to distribute product -- but when I was traveling, I did fine with just the comb alone. I'm some sort of a 2, but my hair is thick and long, and using the comb/Denman method has really been helpful for me.

You can't really see it in the picture, but the Mebco comb has two rows of widely spaced teeth that are sort of alternating, and it really helps me with detangling. It was only about $3.00 at Sally's. Here's a link to Amazon with a picture and reviews:

FunkyCurlGurl 05-28-2009 12:23 PM

I've been experimenting with my comb lately because brushing my hair to detangle or style just pulls out too much hair like you said, not to mention it doubles the volume of my hair...which can be horrifying. Let's just say I now love my comb that much more.

helloyellowbird 05-28-2009 06:20 PM

My hair is till too short for a denman so when I use it,it fros out my hair (lol). But when my hair was longer I only used wide-tooth combs, never denman. I think maybe I used them in the past but they never worked for my hair. This is what my hair looked like with a wide-tooth.

And I use silicones, etc. I'm not CG and I do not believe that it is always necessary. I don't necessarily follow any type of rules besides the ones that work for me. My hair was perfectly healthy and shiny and I used any cheap thing I found at the store... Which is something that I am doing now.

So, if it works for you then use it o_o

mariag002 05-28-2009 07:33 PM

rozettastone, I'll see if my local sally's has it. The women that work there are usually useless. I once asked them if they had Denman brushes and they looked at me like HUH LOL

FunkyCurlGirl, I can't believe I ever threw away my old comb. I feel kinda dumb doing that now. The amount of hair on the comb was nothing compared to the Denman. Now I'm wondering if I had any setbacks due to the brush.

Gabrielle313 05-28-2009 09:25 PM

Getting addicted to my Denman
I actually always used a wide tooth comb and very rarely used my Denman. Lately I've been using it a lot and find it quite addictive. Nothing defines my curls like that brush does. I see a lot more hair in the brush then I did with the wide tooth comb but I'm trying to make myself feel better by saying that's normal shedding right:-?
I know some swear by their Denman and then others say no-no because it will cause unnecessary breakage. Is the jury really still out on this or should I put the brush down and walk away ?

RozettaStone 05-28-2009 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by mariag002 (Post 979686)
rozettastone, I'll see if my local sally's has it. The women that work there are usually useless. I once asked them if they had Denman brushes and they looked at me like HUH LOL

Maria, I hear you about the Sally's ladies! I just poke around until I find what I'm looking for because I don't want to bother them! FYI, these Mebco combs are always hanging up on the wall, they're not in the trays or buckets like most of the other combs. It's pretty big so not too hard to find. I've seen it at a few different Sally's that I've been to lately--since I can't seem to pass by without going in, of course! :rolleyes:

~Curly~ 05-28-2009 10:24 PM

I only use combs and soft brushes.. wide tooth combs are good for detangling but i like to make sure all my hair is detangled so I use a regular toothed comb most days if i'm in a rush i'll use the wide tooth comb... I actually tried to use the denman today and it's like picking my hair with a brush.. seems pointless I rather just comb and i went over my hair with the denman after i detangled with the comb lol and it doesn't clump as much as it just makes it more curly but still all bound together and causes more shrinkage...

mariag002 06-02-2009 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by Bellona (Post 984015)
I highly reccommend the K-cutter comb to anyone who wants to detangle their hair with less breakage and damage to the hair. I've had both the K-cutter comb and denman brush for years now, and my denman collects dust.. I didn't like how it pulled on my hair. However, I have been reconsidering it since discovering but I'll still detangle with my K-cutter first.

Before I discover the K-cutter I was using a shower comb.. and let me tell you.. MAJOR difference! The shower comb pulled on my hair as well and my hair would sometimes wrap around those little balls on the teeth of the comb too, pulling and snagging on my hair. The k-cutter comb has seamless teeth.

Is this the comb you're talking about?

mariag002 06-02-2009 07:57 AM

Well ladies I now officially feel really bad because I cut about 2 inches of my daughter's hair because it was just too tangled up. I then used the Denman brush and it was detangling better.... then started using the new comb I just purchased and I would say she is losing maybe 80% less hair :banghead: WTF! I can't believe I've been pulling out all her hair with the Denman and didn't put two and two together. Before you feel TOO sorry for her, she went from hair past her bum to waist length LOL Its still very long.

She did need a hair cut though and I'm glad I got rid of the split ends. What I don't like is that I pulled so much hair for the past year. I could've caused some major damage. I now only use the Denman after her hair is detangled just to give it some nice definition.

Libra08 06-05-2009 07:37 PM

I only break out the denman when I rollerset for an extra smooth set. That thing is dangerous! I love the Denman D12 comb though! It acts like a denman without all the extra hair pulling and breakage :blob8:

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