It started off as a joke, but...

It turned into something really helpful. My fiance' bought me a hair pick as a joke. (It was one of the old school hair picks with the metal prongs and the black fist on the end ). Today I was standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to save my wash and go from the nap that left it all flat on the sides and low and behold I spotted the pick. I used to lift my curls from being stuck to my head. It really made my hair look ten times better! I didn't bring the pick all the way thru the curls, I just used it to kind of lift the curls from my scalp. I didn't realize that my hair could be so much "bigger" because I was used to all the shrinkage. Does anyone else use a pick to lift their curls?
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Yep. I do when i wanna wear a curly fro. I dont pull it all the way through it just stretches my hair out.

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I don't use a pick but I use my fingers that same way to lift my hair. After it dries, it's stuck to my head and looks weird so I lift it up at the top and sides. But the top is starting to flop over now and won't stand up so I don't know what to do...
I might try an actual pick!
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