Product/technique recs for fine 3b/c hair?

Soo I suppose since it's the summer and I have more time to experiment with my hair, I want to try some new stuff with my hair. My hair has been okay lately, but it definitely could be better.

It hit me recently that my hair is, in fact, fine and not thick and coarse like I've thought it was for a while. And I finally understood how products can "weigh hair down", cuz I've experienced it. :P

I also realized (I think) that my hair reacts better to gels than it does to creams. Still don't really know about cone/protein sensitivity, but I tend to avoid both just to be careful (I should probably figure that out, though).

My current routine: I condition with Suave Strawberry, then leave a little of it in and and use Fantasia IC Gel and a little Biotera (too much and my hair gets crunchy). And plop and airdry. Aaaand that's basically it. I used to use KCCC which worked well for me, but it's a bit too expensive for me. I recently bought some coconut oil and almond oil on a whim, but I'm not qute sure how to use them, yet. And the coconut oil reacts badly with the Fantasia IC, unfortunatley.

My hair tends to get a fair amount of surface frizz, and while the curls themselves are pretty decent, they could stand to be a little less frizzy. I have a few random undefined curls, as well. And my hair tends to be pretty flat on top, but the only way I can to combat that is to clip it, which I dunno if I have the energy for, lol.

Basically, I'm looking for new product/technique suggstions! In general, I'm looking for more bounce and curl definition. I'd appreciate input, especially from curlies that have similar hair to me!

Hmm I'll try to update my album tomorrow, since all my pics are pretty old.
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First of all - your hair is GORGEOUS!!!

Next, are you avoiding cones?
I ask that because my hair is fine 3b/3c as well and I've been using my own version of Terri's hair care on her biracial hair site. It basically involves using a coney conditioner as a leave-in/styler. So far it's the only thing that's worked well for me.

I found that gel dried my hair out no matter how much conditioner/leave-in I used. It would give me super defined hold at first then my hair would kind of explode out of the hold into a mostly frizzy mess or a single "blob" of hair that isn't quite curly.

The conditioners I use as stylers are mainly Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Finesse Moisturizing, and Pantene Relaxed and Natural - in the order from most to least.

What I do different from Terri is that I don't do everything soaking wet(I don't like the mess). I'll towel dry my hair, sometimes it will end up 100% dry.

Then I'll put about a quarter size dollop of conditioner in my hair and run my hand under water just enough to wet it. I'll rub the conditioner and water together until it's easier to spread and apply it to a section of my hair. Sometimes I'll just rake it through and then smooth it.

If it's tangly then I'll brush it through then smooth it. I do this in about 4-5 sections throughout my head. Your hair is a lot longer than mine which is about shoulder length. You may need more conditioner and/or more sections. Then I just let it air dry. It dries firm but not crunchy. Defined without frizz or dryness.

If I don't want to soak my whole head, I'll just repeat the last part of mixing conditioner with a tad of water and running it through my hair again. Easy peasy. I can get 2nd an 3rd day hair with this technique. And my hair is always moisturized and never dry.

I just love it.

Once a week or so I'll shampoo and deep condition. But I don't like to deep condition because it makes my hair too soft since it's fine so it won't hold a curl. I usually do it on the weekend.

Hope that helps.

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Holy moly but your hair is beautiful!! Is it texturised/texlaxed or does it just naturally lie flat and lovely at the top of your head? lol. My hair is kind of similar to yours (though not quite as thick or long) and I cowash with Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal (a whooooole lot of it), dry very slightly with a t-shirt (just to minimize the dripping factor), and then slather on a TON of Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner once I'm out of the shower. But I sometimes also get that "weighed-down" feeling . . . it's either that or I feel like my curls are too dry. Hmm.
I have a question. You said your hair reacts better to gels than creams. Yet, you are still battling the frizzies. Maybe your hair doesn't like gels or the particular gel you are using. What do you mean by creams? Have you tried butters?

Also, you need to look in the ingredients list of your products and make a purchase that elimniates some of those ingredients. Maybe you are buying products with silicones and your hair doesn't like silicones or vice versa. For instance, my hair likes a couple cones. So I go back and forth since I'm trying to start using all natural not tested on animal products. I'm gradually adding the natural products so my hair will adjust (I'm hoping this will work).

When I've used oil I've just applied it to wet hair that had leave-in. That's it. I don't apply anything else. Perhaps you could try that as well. HTH and good luck! Let us know the outcome!

ETA: I've heard of great things about the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration which Sunshine mentioned!
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In my avatar picture, I did an airdried wash-n-go with just Aussie Moist and rinsed out most of the conditioner in the shower, sealing with shea butter on the ends only. It turned out that I got more volume and yet I still had definition.

Less product = more volume
More product = less volume

You could also try fluffing your hair upside down, at the roots to get more volume. Don't pull your fingers through your curls, just concentrate on the root area to get the volume.

Also how exactly are you plopping? If I plop my loose hair that is guaranteed frizz.. I will plop now only overnight with my hair in a braid.
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My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)

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