Hair color, frizz & different products


Has anyone found that their hair is frizzier after being salon colored and that the products you used and liked before you colored don't work now? What is the difference? What ingredients do you need that are different.
ive never had that problem and i color regularly. i usually do a protein and deep treatment the week before i color and then after i color continue with the deep treatment every few days. after aweek or two, i space my deep treatments to around 1 or a week. since your hair is colored, you probably want to start looking for products with protein in them if your current products dont have any because it keeps your hair strong. and use the most moisturizing products you can.
Thank you. Have any recommendations for a wonderful Deep treatment and protein rich conditioners?
jessicurl weekly deep treatment is nice and i also like mop extreme moisture because i can buy it locally at ulta.

my favorite conditioner is elucence moisture balancing conditioner. i use that for evereything. as a co wash, regular conditioner, as a leave in and you can even mix it with oil and honey to make a great dt. giovanni conditioners have protein in them as well and they can be bought locally at target and walmart.
thank you so much!

I will definitely give those a try. I love Ulta and being able to purchase things locally. I think they now have Deva products there too. I also hate Ulta because it can be a dangerous place for me and purchasing..yikes.

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