Hi all,

First of all I love this site. I decided to go curly again after years of blowing out and flat ironing. This past winter I cut my long locks to a bob and have been wearing it straight since I wouldn't even attempt to go curly. I never had an issue with the DC humidity but with it being shorter it starts to curl by the time I get to work and it didn't do this before. So instead of straightening I am embracing my curls once again.

I purchased KCCC, Re:coil, CK, Pink Boots and BRHG. I'm looking for the perfect combo and decided to try some of these out. Should I get KT for the KC?

May some of you please share your routines, especially if you live in humid areas. I'm going to try the CK with Boots and also with Re:coil. Than I am going to try KCCC with KT as leave-in and BRHG over it? Are these combos good, any suggestions?

One last thing besides KT what other leave-ins would you recommend?

Thanks in advance and thanks for your help and advice.

This is my hair about 5 years ago... http://public.fotki.com/criska/curly-about-5-years-ago/

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