Insane dryness

I'm pregnant and my hair is suffering. I've been good and following the shampoo once a week and then use Suave conditioners all week and Herbal essences gel, but i look awful. Any ideas?
Are you adding a leave in condish, or a regular DT? I also like to put in something extra on my ends at bedtime when my hair gets very dry...shea butter works really well.
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I've been using the Suave condish as a leave-in then adding gel and diffusing. But it is still so fuzzy, frizzy. My under-hair looks nice and smooth and curly, but the outer layers, especially the back of my head is a ball of frizz.
Two things:

1. If your hair is so dry, why shampoo? There's no need to shampoo, you can clean your scalp just as well or better with a co-wash, and shampoo, even low-poos, are drying.

2. Suave co is good for co-washing but it's not very moisturizing. Plus it has some protein (or at least, most of them do). You might be a bit protein sensitive, which gives you dry, straw-like hair. Start using a much richer co for your rinse-out and for your leave-in, if it's not too heavy for you. And do some deep conditioning treatments.

Also -- I don't know which gel you are using, but HESMU always made my hair terrible dry and frizzy. I used to like TT, but they've added a Peg-cone to it, and when I tried the new formula, my hair hated it. HEBE is the one I really liked but I can never find it anymore. I'm making my own FSG and it's very very moisturizing, so I'm using that now.

My hair is like yours -- the underlayers are shiny and silky (and barely wavy, too), and the outer layer/canopy is rougher and dryer and puffier, and lighter in color from damage, I guess. As soon as I switched to my GVP conditioning balm, I started getting huge improvement in the condition of my canopy. It may not be the right co for you (altho many people on NC love it), but you should definitely try a richer co, and look for one without protein, just in case that's a problem for you. Good luck!
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