I Think i Need Someone's Help

So I have been Cg Since the end of April I have medium 3b hair that I believe has normal porosity. In the beginning I was using the suave coconut and giovanni sas after noticing that my hair was still kinda dry after using the products I switched to the suave aloe and waterlily and GVPCB. The CB is awsome it does have great slip and works great but my hair is still kinda yuck after the shower. My hair is still frizzy and idk what it's problem is, I always dry my hair with a t shirt and I used to always plop for a while but it seemed like the frizz was worsening. Lately I have be using the above conditioners with shea moisture leave- in and either SMU, homemade FSG or KCCC but I'm not seeing any difference. I have tried using it on sopping hair, squeezed out hair and so on and when drying if I let my hair air dry it is so flat and takes forever I know my hair doesn't mind the diffuser but it just never looks good enough to wear it down. The reason for this post is I'm running very low on the suave condish and though maybe that was the problem? Any help you offer will be greatly appreciated.

Medium 3b
Normal Porosity
CG as of 04/26/2009
mag sulfate, certain protein & honey sensitive

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If you post this on the general hair board, you should get more replies.

I believe that Suave has protein in it. I'm unsure about Giovanni. Maybe your hair needs less protein.

Was your hair dry before you began adding the moisture laden products -- SheaMoisture, FSG, etc.?

Have you made other changes to your hair routine, diet, sleep schedule?
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I had the same problem with the frizz and dryness and i recently started using Loreal Nutrigloss condish as a leave in! i cowash with suave and then rinse it really well and squeeze some water out of my hair then take about a quarter size amount of Loreal Nutrigloss and rub my hands together and rake it thru. Then i continue to add my styling products the same way and finger style my hair and let it air dry. I dont even plop or use a tshirt to squeeze any of the moisture out anymore because it was leaving me Very frizzy.I ALWAYS airdry. This may not work for everyone but i thought it might help you out somehow. Good luck, it took me 3 months to figure out what worked for me, atleast for now lol!
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Air drying
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