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Hi all,

I just ordered my anita grant shea butter and creammy latte yesterday and it came today. I am so excited to try them. So far I love the smell of creamy latte vanila flavour. Its just devine. I cant stop smelling it. It smells so good.

Anyways, those who use it can you tell me how you used it and if you liked the product. I was searching for something to put on the ends and needed something to soften my ends.

Please I would love to hear from you if you have ever used anita grant products before and how you liked them?

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I use the laté for twist outs and her pomade on top of it to avoid frizz. I find that method increases definition.

I've also been using her peppermint shampoo bar which cleanses without stripping and makes my sclap feel 'fresh'.

I've also tried the rhassoul cubes and like those too.. I've only ever tried mixing those with the creamier top of canned coconut milk.

My only gripe is how long they take to deliver but I understand all about how they are handmade etc.. I don't wana hear that though - I'm impatient!!
Thanks Lyoness,

I think her butters make good twist out results too.

Sorry about the long delivery for you. I guess I was lucky because I ordered and got mine delivered the next day. So that was super quick.

Maybe she delivered it super quick because I mentioned that I was a new customer but all in all quick customer service.

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I'm not 3c but I'm UK based to be exact, London. I think that U.S naturals have an easier time getting the products ironically. I had a horrible experience ordering from them. I bought the following:

Lemon whipped butter
creamy cafe latte
rhassoul cubes
lippy pucker
organic sapote oil (for sealing)
babassou bar sample

the butters all garbage for me, left my hair greasy, oily but somehow dry. I prefer Qhemet Biologics hands down, it's a knockout.

rhassoul - good the first time but not saying much since

the lippy puckers and sapote oil were the only keepers which are not vital to my hair care anyway. I would only order the lippy pucker again. They are magical.

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