Cannot acheive a twist n curl to save my life!

I have tried the twist n curl now made famous by miss CurlyNikki, several times. Each time my hair is undefined fizzy, dry or a big huge messy fro. If I wanted a fro I can achieve that with out twisting my hair. The only thing I found that really works on my hair now is the curlformers. I can rock and do a curl former set like nobodys business. But I've been wearing it so long that it's starting to bore me.

I would like to acheive this style but the twists just won't work for me. Can anyone help or offer any suggestions. Maybe I should try a different method than the one I use for curlformers. Ugh!
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What products are you using and how many twists are you doing? What kind of rollers are you using?
I just figured I could use the same products I used for curlformers. Just some leave in condish. When attempting the twist n curl I've tried using the plastic rollers curlynikki uses and I've tried the spounge rollers nothing works.

Like I it just turns into a big dry fro and I can do that without twisting. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong
3c/4a Relaxer free since 04!
If you're just using a regular leave-in that may not be cutting it. I use a rinse-out conditioner as my leave-in because they tend to have a better hold than leave-in conditioners. If you're going to use a leave-in you will have to use a light gel to add some kind of hold. I tried using Oyin Honey Hemp by itself, but it had absolutely no hold and I ended up with a fluffy fro. Using a conditioner with hold is key. My favorite conditioner combo is Lustrasilk Shea Butter and Mango and Garnier Sleek and Shine. Also my twist-n-curls come out MUCH better using the pink perm rods than with magnetics. Whenever I used magnetics my t-n-c would last about a day and then after that I would end up with a fluffy fro. Don't give up on twist-n-curls! It takes a lot of different tries to find the right combo of products and rollers, but the results are worth all of the trouble!
i think it's the leave-in that's not cooperating enough.
i cannot get by with just a leave-in.

if i do a leave-in mixed with a reg cond. and maybe a little oil, then, i'm good to go.

i agree about the perm rods being one of my favorites also.

i usually just do twists w/o rollers - do you try that also?
Thanks Libra for your help. I've never tried it with gel or any kind of holding styler. I think I will try this again this weekend using gel along with my leave in.

I think I just assumed I wouldn't need a styler with the twists cause I don't need it with the curlformers.

Its frustrating as hell but I'll give it one more shot using a styler. I love the way it looks on everyone else so it must be worth it.

How long does it take to dry? My twists take FOREVER even when I use a dryer.
3c/4a Relaxer free since 04!

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