pics of my 3c

i've been relaxer free 4 3 yrs now and i love my 3c...i dont even remember why i chose 2 relax my hair in the first pace because when i blow-dry it out and press it, it usually lasts a couple of days..never again will i relax my hair..i so love my curls
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i love your cut and shape and the curls. we have similar textures.

i also ask myself: why was it expected that i relax my hair when it goes straight with an iron anyway?

(BTW, which tools are you using to press out when you do a straight look? i have a 5 star iron that my old stylist sold but i wonder if i should try something else when i do feel the rare urge to have a straight style just to keep it interesting. thx!)

i'll have photos up in the next week or so.
Welcome!! Your hair is beautiful and I looove the color!

I often wonder why the hell did I ever wait so long to stop relaxing my hair. When I wear it straight it looks so much fuller than it did when I had a perm. I feel like a new person.
- Maria

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Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

Your hair looks great! Is that your natural color? It suits you nicely.
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Love it!! I can't wait until my hair is that long!! By the way, welcome!!!
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Beautiful curls rayna!!!
WL 6/26/09 and my hair type is 3b-4a...I will compromise with 3c
You curls are beautiful ! I cannot wait for my hair to grow.

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