Wet to Dry Set by Nick Arroyo

Has anyone ever tried the wet to dry set technique done by Nick Arroyo on the TLC show What Not to Wear? He did a 3c'ish woman's hair today and it turned out fabulous!
I couldn't see what products he was using. He did say he put a leave in spray and a hair creme, but for the life of me, I couldn't see the labels! After the creme, he twisted 1/2 inch pieces of hair around his finger partway, the single strand twisted the rest of the way and let it air dry/"Set". It was stunning! The episode aired 11am today and the client's name was Lisa.
I still have relaxed ends (in transition) so it will be a while before I can try it. Just wanted to know if anyone's tried it and how it turned out.

If anyone has tried this method or knows what products were used please post.
You mean he didn't do the same hairstyle he does to everyone else! He does a bop to everyone and their mother LOL

I wonder if he used soft curlers. Is it like those "beach waves?"

- Maria

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He used his fingers, sort of like a coil set but not at tight because he didn't use a comb. Sorry, I don't know what beach waves are. It sort of reminded me of Corrine Bailey Ray's hair, but smaller curls.

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