New girl needs help!

Hi everyone,

Im new here.... wanted to introduce myself and am also dying to get some help...

My name is Rene and Im Dutch. (So Im sorry if Im failing on my English. Hoping I express myself the right way.)
I have got a 3c curltype. All my live Ive been trying unraffle the mysteries of my hair (Im caucasian, have extremely curly hair and am the only in my family and environment deeling with it) and trying to find out how to handle it.

I have two major concerns:
First of all, my hair doesnt seem to grow. Second, my hair just keeps shrinking whenever it gets the oppertunity. When its wet it still seems kind of long, but when drying up, it just keeps shrinking and shrinking. (Almost looks like its growing back into my head.) Im hoping to find something that can weight my hair down during drying without making it to greasy. All this curl products mention to `not make the hair weight down or not to make the hair heavy, but thats just what I want them to do!
Does anyone have some advice on how to make my hair grow healthy and prevent it from shrinking all the time?

Also, Im looking for some product advice. have noticed that most of the products on this website are either not for sale in my country or cannot be shipped to here.
Anyone having advice on products that are sold around the globe? Are there also other 3c-girls with european hair? Ive been noticing most black hairproduct dont work for me and sometimes even sufficate my hair because my hair is much less coarse than Afro-American hair. Anyone having any advice on this?

Right now Im tring out different kind of Aveda products because there almost competely naturally. Though, Im not sure yet what really works. Does anyone here have experience with Aveda condioners and/or styling products?

Im hoping you guys can help me out here. Really any advice is welcome!!

Thanks a lot in advance!! Warm regards from Holland
Hallo neighbor,
I am from Germany

I know that it is almost impossible to find good hair products for curly hair in Europe. I have heard of a dutch website called mariposa-import. She sells lots of curly hair products. Maybe you could find something there.

Good luck!
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