"transitioning" question

When I was younger, my mom would have my hair permed but it started to break off my ends so we stopped. (All of that perm grew out) But now, in these past few years my mom makes my edges get permed, so my question is how do i go about becoming fully natural? Should I just wait for the edges to grow out and trim until it's all gone?
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So do you mean, just the outside parameter is relaxed?
To go fully natural, you can trim it little by little until those relaxed edges are gone, or you can do a Big Chop and cut it all off. Just make sure you are comfortable before you do any major changes to your hair. I would suggest to trim it until it grows out. -I didn't do that when I was transitioning, but it might be easier for you since you are younger.
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Since it's just your edges, your best bet is to trim the relaxer off. You have the option of big chopping, but it seems unnecessary since it's just your edges and not your entire head.

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