do you swim in pools?

i want to but i'm afraid. the last 2 times i did, my hair seemed so dry after but maybe my hair is always dry and it didn't make that much difference?

also, i feel i have to shampoo (with more than a no po or a cowash) after to be sure the chlorine isn't staying on my hair. do i have to?

what do you do after a pool swim?
I was a competitive swimmer through High School and swim for exercise now. A few hints:
  • I ALWAYS cover my hair. I like the tight competitive swimmer caps like you see on the olympics
  • I also find that combing conditioner to it prior to swimming and wearing it like that under the cap helps.
  • Wear a protective style under the cap - bun or braided style.
  • If you must use shampoo afterward, use a conditioning shampoo (Creme of Nature was/is my holy grail). However, co-washing works best for me.
  • Leave conditioner in hair after swimming (like on your drive/walk home). I sometimes would cover my hair with a shower cap or saran wrap and wear a hat. It's like a deep condition with body heat.
  • If you have time, deep condition
  • Rinse and style with your best moisturizing products.

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Wavez, I didn't know you were a swimmer! I am NOT, but I try.

I swim at my gym once in awhile--I have a cap (you can find them in the sporting goods section of target), and I tie my hair into a ponytail. After swimming, I remove the cap and keep my head under the shower to rinse as much pool water out as possible. Then as soon as I get home (the gym is only .5 miles away, so my hair does not dry out much) I take a real shower. I don't always shampoo, if I feel I HAVE to, I will use a tiny bit of shampoo and combine it with conditioner, I'll rinse and then condition again (no shampoo this time) and comb through while in the shower. Then final rinse out and style as usual.
I mostly swim in the ocean, so I don't know what with pollution and everything, if that isn't worse than swimming in pools.

But the few times I have swum in pools it was no worse than swimming in the ocean.
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Wavez, I didn't know you were a swimmer! I am NOT, but I try.
Originally Posted by gemini
WERE would be the operative word here. As a child I lived in the water - 5 am and 5pm practices. My parents thought my brother and I would be the first black olympian swimmers. NOT. Actually, I am going to start up again soon. It really is a wonderful way to exercise.

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Heck yeah I swin in pools... & all I do is put some leave in conditioner (creamy, since those molecules will be large enough to block the chlorine), tie it together, and enjoy myself.

Afterwards, I shower asap .... wash and condition my hair + exfoliate & moisturize my skin.

No biggie.
OMG....Yes, I swim. Pool or ocean makes no difference to me. One reason I bought this particular house. It's a block away from our subdivisions pool. I put conditioner in my hair and swim until my heart is content. I even go to pool parties!! Being that I grew up swimming and use to give swim lessons I don't think twice about it. Even when I had a relaxer I did the same exact thing.
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so how do i combine poo and conditioner in a shampoo? do i just mix in my hands or on my head?

naturallycurlyennvoy-- you didn't say what you do before you go in or after.

thanks all.
does anyone think that a poo is necessary or a good idea after being in chlorine?

how can you tell if a co-wash is enough?

i dont ever get my hair wet! and if i do...i rush home to cowash! lol
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it depends on how much swimming i plan on doing.
if im just playing in the pool with my daughter, i know i wont be getting my hair soaked. so i spray it w/ some ouidad sun shield leave in spray. its supposed to protect your hair from chlorine, salt, and uv rays. redken makes an oil spray that does the same thing that i like alot too. typically i dont rinse my hair immediately after because im too lazy. a few splashes of pool water doesnt run my hair.

if im going swimming where i know i'll be getting my hair soaked, i'll wet my hair before i leave the house and put some conditioner in. by the time i get to the pool its had enough time to sink in and be absorbed by my hair. then afterward i rinse/co wash my hair and style as usual.
thanks to those who explained what they do before/after swimming in chlorine.

it's definitely not true that most of us would be out soaking our hair in chlorine regularly.
our hair is sensitive to chemicals so it's not just dive in and fry one's hair without giving it a thought.

curly hair needs TLC and thought- that's what this board is about. and why swim caps were invented

we own a house with a pool a few steps from the ocean and my hair definitely is affected by my pool's chlorine (and our pool woman checks it carefully each week to ensure that it is at the right pH level). my hair loves the ocean though.
i'm going to try just co-wash and not poo after the pool this afternoon. thanks to those who shared tips!

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i cant lie i have been scared to swim and i used to be on a team in high school but as long as your put a conditioner on b4 hopping in the pool you will be fine as well as deep condish more often with heat to avoid damage keeping the hair moisturized before swimming regularly
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