hair type confusion ?

hey everybody i'm new to this forum and i'm trying to figure out what my hair type is and i'm a little confused . i think i'm 3b or 3c ... maybe mixed since the curls on the nape of my neck seem tighter . can anyone tell me if i'm 3c or 3b ?
here are some pics

it's still wet in the last picture. another thing is that my hair seems to hate any type of oil ... i;ve been thinking about buying the miss jessie curly pudding but i'm a little skeptical because of the price ... is it worth it ?
3b with maybe a sprinkle of some 3c
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Firstly your hair looks lovely, so nice and thick!
I'm certainly no expert but I would guess that you have fine hair but lots of it (probably why it doesn't like oils) with a mix of 3a and 3b curl. You should check out the newbie section and figure out the porosity and texture of your hair before you start buying products. HTH
Fine, very porous 3a
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