View Poll Results: would a caramel or dark blonde look good on me
Yes 10 55.56%
No 8 44.44%
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Would a caramel blonde look good on me

Im tired of black hair and red hair makes my skin look....dirty. I would like any ones opinion.(this is an old pic, my hair is about close to shoulder length, this is the only pic i have that shows me with a tan)

An all over color something like this or a little darker

this is how light i can get without a tan

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Hey Lee!

I am a color fanatic!

Do you have any pics to post of the color you have in mind when you say caramel blonde?

Also how do you want it done- as in chunky highlights, skunk, all over one color?
4a Tailbone pw:curlspretty

i think we're about the same color (im horrible at gauging complexion, so if im wrong dont laugh too hard) and caramel blonde is my favorite for my own hair. so i voted yes.
Thats a pretty color!

I think you should go for it.
4a Tailbone pw:curlspretty

I think the carmel blonde will look nice on you! If the black and red make your complexion look ruddy. I bet the blonde will give you an over all appearance of brightness!
Subrock, I just saw your fotki with the carmel blonde color.. IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ON YOU!

LeeMayhem check out Subrock's March 19, 2008 photo on her fotki. You can see how pretty the color looks with her complexion. Your complexion seems darker than hers to me but I still think this color can look good on a range of complexions among women of color. I definitely think you should try it out!!!
thanks you guys for the advice, and yes, her blonde looks so wonderful, im going to dye my hair for sure at the salon
Subrock, I just saw your fotki with the carmel blonde color.. IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ON YOU!
Originally Posted by Marah Mizrahi
thank you
i think that would look hot i want that color too...wait im late looks like u already did lol
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