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I hope someone can help me. I have 3b/c hair, very thick, and I live in Florida. I have been taking bellydance lessons for over a year now, and loving every minute. I am currently taking a class in using a silk veil, which can be so lovely. However, my hair, having a mind of its own, tends to grab at the veil like velcro, so that while the rest of my classmates are beautifully throwing the veil over their heads, I'm stuck trying to claw my way out of it's clinging to my head. I did try co-wash with conditioning, followed by diffuse drying with lots of product right before class, thinking that maybe if the curls were on their best behavior that they wouldn't grab the veil. That worked for one class, but the next time we were doing lots of moves using forward bends, which just tousled up my curls, and they got grabby again. I'm wondering if I should resort to blowing it straight a few days each week (veil classes two days/week), which I've never done. I love my curls and don't want to hurt them, , but I also want to do well in this veil class. Any suggestions, for either gettting the curls to behave or for straightening? I should say that I have layers that are not long enough to be pulled back into a bun, which would otherwise be my next option. Thanks!
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you might have to just pull your hair back. Its not the most glamourus look, but it should work.
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Can you get a veil made out of some other fabric? I know satin is really good for not catching on hair, maybe you could get one specially made?
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Thanks. The problem with pulling my hair back (which I'd be willing to do) is that the ponytail would have to be low, like at the nape of the neck, otherwise the 'tail itself would grab at the veil (tried it already). And once I lower the ponytail, some of the shorter layers can't be pulled back, so they'd still be grabbing at the veil.

And the veil needs to be silk, primarily because this will be an ensemble dance so all of us will have the same veil.

I've seen some people weave ribbons through their hair, I'm not sure how that is done, I wondered if anyone had any success with that technique to keep hair somewhat flat. Otherwise, I may have to consider blowdrying straight, and I shudder at what damage that may cause.
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i always had to pull my hair back into a ponytail in my bellydance veil class, otherwise the veil always got caught on my hair.

could you wear ponytail then use a headband to hold back the shorter layers?
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Hmmm, a headband may work, thanks! The ponytail, however, will not work with my hair, as I learned the first time I worked with veil. My hair is shorter than yours, also thick and curly, and sticking it into a ponytail made it even grabbier. Before yesterday's class, I tried putting it into a bun at the nape of my neck (actually, I had to make two buns, horizontally next to each other at the nap of my neck). I had LESS problems with that look, but still . . . the buns still sometimes grabbed the veil. Another curly top in the class came up to me and said she wanted to try french braiding my hair, making a sort of braided wreath around my head. That's worth a shot, that way there won't be one big bulky area and the loose ends should be contained -- IF it works! I am trying VERY hard to avoid having to use heat to straighten it, would prefer to find a way to style it that will keep it under control without damaging it.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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hope you find something that works well. i know how frustrating those veils can be, even without having to worry about your hair catching on them!
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Okay, this is what I tried today. I co-washed my hair, kept some conditioner in my hair, towel-blotted, then worked A LITTLE coconut oil in my hair. I then set it in rollers (mostly the purple magnetic rollers from Sallys), spent some time under the bonnet, mostly at low temp with a few minutes a couple of times at high temp. Just before I left for class, I took out the rollers. I have to say, first of all, that I hadn't realized how pretty my hair could look when I'm trying to smooth out the curl that way. It was still VERY bouncy, and there still were curls, but they were much softer. So I went to class, and today it seemed like my hair didn't grab onto the veils. I say that tentatively because, wouldn't you know it, today we did very little of throwing the veil over our heads, I mostly just tested it before class got started. But it seemed to work a lot better. I know when I go to class later this week (a different veil class) we'll probably be doing a whole lot more of the moves in which my hair created problems, so I'll test it again then and let you know. But I wanted to let you know that I MAY have found my answer. Thanks for all your help!
Auburn BSL, 3B (mostly)
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