Thank you so much! I feel the curly-love here!

The only thing that gets on my nerve (but then I don't care anymore) is that I can't tie my hair back. I'm letting it grow again anyway, but unlike my transitioning/growing out phase back then ,I'll enjoy each and every length of my hair.
When I had a short fro back then I used to think that I'd only be pretty and feminine when I have long hair. Everything in between was not acceptable. What was I thinking?
Even my dbf said that he liked short hair a liiittle more than long curls.

So all you short haired curlies: You look fab!
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I love your haircut and it's so defined.

I'm so dying to cut my hair short but I'm afraid for this reason. My hair is so freaking unpredictable and it's nice to be able to just pull it back when it's not cooperating. I've never dared to cut it any shorter than just at shoulder length.
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