Need help finding products for texturized hair

I just texturized my hair and I love it. The problem I'm facing is that I can't seem to find a product that works well on it. When my hair was totally natural I was between a 3c/4a now, I'm just 3c everwhere. The gel I used in the past is Longade. I'd use it with some olive oil and glycerine (if it was dry) and that kept my hair soft and the curls defined. Now, when I put Longade in my hair, it seems too heavy. After a day or too, it dries and leaves a film on my hair. I've tried mouse which left it dry feeling and some reallye expensive Redkin products. Any suggestions would be appreciated...PLEASE.
I love my curly hair.
Wow, so I guess no one has any suggestions. I'll try the 4a board and see if they have some ideas that can help.
I love my curly hair.
I use s-curl products in addition to long-aid products. I don't think there are too many texturized folks on this forum. I hope this helps!
OMG what texturizer do you use and can you
tell me a lil more about it & pics?

im a 3c/4a....mostly 3c...i think and im
REALLY thinking about a texturizer to
loosen my curl and get more manageability
so before and after pics and what products
as far as actually texturizing you use would
be soooooo helpful!
I use JFM (Just For Me Texturizer). I can email you more pics if you want. The picture in my avi was taken a year ago, my hair is much longer now. PM your email address and I will send you more pics.
I used to use these when my hair was texlaxed:

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, finished with Paul Mitchell Pommade (has mineral oil)

Ouidad Botanical Boost and the gel, also some Climate Control

Curlisto Repair cream under Curlisto Control II mixed with Structura

But my hair was always dry.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Try a medium cream, not a heavy greasy cream or a pudding. Try a simple light or medium cream from the supermarket.

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