Drying questions

I'm new to the board, transitioning for 2 months, but so far VERY happy with my curls. (I almost feel guilty b/c so far transitioning has been very easy for me, but I'm starting to think that maybe all those years of being overly cautious doing my own home relaxers weren't really taking!)


I'm mostly cowashing, with an occasional shampoo to get rid of the build up. I've been rinsing or rewetting every morning so far (lots of swimming and/or exercise, plus not crazy about the way my hair looks in the a.m. without wetting), but my problem is it takes my hair FOREVER to dry... like 5 hours. It's summer and I'm off work, so it's not been a big deal having a wet head for the whole morning, but I'll be going back to work in Oct. and I need to figure something out.

I bought a blow dryer with a diffuser, but DH says my hair doesn't look as good as when it dries naturally (more stringy, he says).

So what do you ladies who don't have a long time to dry your hair in the morning do? Or is it that my hair takes a much longer time to dry than most?

Any tips/suggestions much appreciated!

PS I am loving NC!
5 hours?! That's a really long time, to me. Then again, my hair isn't all that long (just past my ears). So the length of your hair may be a factor. Wringing most of the water out with my hands after washing/wetting in the morning helps me. It's still drippy while I'm styling, but I'd say it only takes about 2 hrs. or so to mostly dry. You could try 'plopping' (i.e., wrapping your hair in a t-shirt/pillowcase while still wet). I'm not an expert in it, and it doesn't seem to work for me, but a lot of ladies here have tried that method, seemingly with success. Just ask around.
I use a diffuser everday almost. I use the pixie curl method. I diffuse till its 80% dry then let it airdry the rest of the way. But my hair never looks quite right untill its 100% dry.
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Those aquis hair towels work really well, you might want to give them a try.
I'm going to have to give that towel a try. I did try to dry it a little more today before styling and I cut my dry time to about 4 hours, but that's still too long to be waiting in the morning!
You are definitely not alone. My hair takes about 9 hours to dry on average and it's just shoulder length. I'm going to try a microfiber towel when I order new hair products. That may help you, too. Or I've heard good things about the Aquis towel that was mentioned above. hth

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