How often do you comb your hair?

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I co wash every two or three days and I only comb my hair with a ton of conditioner in it.
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i only comb during co-washes and shampoos in the shower. about once or twice per week depending upon how my hair is styled.

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I finger comb most of the time but once a week with my Conair Shower Comb , and Denman....I usually do with whith detangling and DC'ing
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Hello fellow Naturalista:

I comb about once a week, whenever I am co-washing with lootsss of conditioner. I've committed to no combing/low manipulation since I am on the only mission to grow my hair out, and I've found that since then, my hair doesn't tangle as much - I can go longer than a week without combing if needed.

Your 'problem' may be attributed to your styling and regimen (are you incorporating oils, butters, do you protect your hair at night, etc).

Protective styling definitely reduces tangling. There was a time when I would do wash and gos almost everyday - and use gel (gasp!) and products containing - dare I say it - cones!! resulting in a dry tangled mess. The best thing I did for my hair was establishing a regimen that included butters and oils - I took it a step further with adding protective styling. Now that I'm bunning and doing twist-outs instead of a daily wash n go, combing is not needed as much. On the days that it is needed between washing, I just use my fingers and on my washing days, I can easily comb my hair out and there is a lot less coming out on that comb! I've even dared to comb my hair out dry to acheive a BAA and even that was easier than it has been in the past.

I would also suggest trying Qhemet's Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee while you are detangling - I just started using it (when I ran out of QAOHC) and my 3c hair loves it (I didn't think it would). I started using it when I started doing flat twists as part of my twist outs - I needed something that would prevent tangling and this was it. I find that combing from the bottom going up the hair shaft is faster and less damaging.

Hope this was helpful - I'm sure you'll figure it out though. That's the thing about curls - we spend so much time trying to tame them and in the end they end up taming us.

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It wouldn't take 2 hours but I was really starting to worry about how much hair I was loosing. You look like a wash-n-go girl like me. When my hair was shorter, I lived by the no combing policy. I detangled once a month but as it got longer I had to throw that out b'cuz my hair would break. I try to detangle twice a week once before deep conditioning (when I do) and then to co-wash if necessary. I've listed my favorite conditioners below. I wash with a low sulphate shampoo once every two weeks or when my hair feels "dirty" with product. Using sulphates too much makes your hair very tangly. I also recommend trimming if your hair is fine. Finer hair is light weight, is easily moved (wind, sleep, etc.) and the curls love to wrap themselves around eachother into little knots and tangles. Keeping your ends "blunt" can combat this issue. BTW. I love my Denman brush. Shower combs can leave a lot of tangles behind in my opinion and I only use them to manipulate my hair after detangling. Sealing your curls after they've dried is also important. Shea butter is great and coconut oil has a detangling affect as well. I hope my longwinded response was helpful in some way.

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It really depends. My hair get really tangled so unless I wear it in a bun, I have to do it almost daily. I sweat like a pig when I work out (four day a week) so I at least wash it then!
im a wash and go girl to. i actually hate washing my hair so i only do it about once a week, and if i have a special day, i'll do extra washes in between. my hair curls best after a good wash.

detanglinig really shouldnt take that long if you're using the right conditioner, but of course, i guess it depends on your hair. if i use V05 to detangle, it will take me like an hour and almost a whole bottle to attempt to detangle. it's just too light for my thick coarse hair. i need conditioners that are fatty and thick. or else i lose a lot of hair and i can't get it fully detangled. i use conditioners like GVP conditioning balm or AOHR to detangle. anything with that consistency is key for me. and my hair has to be fully saturated and in the shower.
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I comb my hair maybe once or twice a week. When I do comb my hair, it's soaking wet.
I was wondering how often everyone combs their hair a week. I comb it once a week and it takes 2 and a half hours! It becomes very tangled by the end of the week, but I don't have time to be combing it during the week days, really... How frequently should you be coming your hair a week?
Originally Posted by avaanstar

I agree with what everyone else has said so far. It is important that my hair be SOAKING wet with TONS of conditioner before I detangle. Like you, I used to spend entirely too much time trying to detangle my hair! I was also shedding a great deal. Recently, I visited this website: and it literally changed my life!!!!!

I paid special attention to the combing section and it has helped me so much. I did invest in a Denman brush and have been using a regular conditioner as a leave-in and I do not spend half the time I used to. And my shedding has been reduced to less than 5%! And this is not an exageration.

Wow, I guess I must be among the strange ones. Or used to be. When my hair was long, it took me at least an hour and a half to comb through and detangle it. I'd have to rest! I had massive, super thick and coarse hair. I don't comb it at all now because I cut it all off when my mother passed away.

I never thought about the fact that I might be using the wrong products if it was taking me too long. Granted, I was doing this with a spray bottle with a little conditioner added. I'd get too tired in the shower to do it.
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I only detangle when washing/co-washing my hair in the shower, so at least once a week.
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I also ONLY comb when my hair is wet - never when dry.
I co-wash every day, and since I detangle in the shower I typically detangle every day. I've tried not detangling every day and it usually works out horribly. Maybe I haven't found the right routine, but I've been doing it this way for year and haven't really had any problems. I used to shed a lot when I detangled with just my paddle brush (which I liked because it was faster and I liked the clumping), but the shedding has lessened significantly since I've started detangling with my wide tooth comb first, and then using my paddle.

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Any time that I wet my hair, i have to detangle it. I comb only then. I would say 5-7 days per week is when I comb.
Originally Posted by curls2grow

Me too. I have to wet my hair everytime I do anything to it (every 1-2 days) which means I have to comb and detangle it as well.

I use my Denman once a week on wet hair with a ton of conditioner and coconut oil to give my hair lots of slip. This takes about 1/2 hour to 45 mins. I'm not as concerned about the combing out the knots as much as I am focused on getting most of the loose hair out. Every night when I moisturize I finger-comb to get rid of knots. So far it's been working well, I see a lot less broken strands.

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Before I got locs...once a week I finger-detangled, finger combed, brushed the lint off the ends of the hair with a baby brush, and then did light brushing of hair near scalp to dislodge any sebum/buildup. I mostly wore my hair in loose braids under a silk headwrap and then wore scarf headwraps over that or the occasional loose afro-puff. Very low maintanence because I have to comb my 3 daughters' heads and 2 are WL and one Rear length. And, my niece is my loctician so she takes care of my hair...geez I am lazy, lol.
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I Co-wash everyday and I usually comb after im out of the shower and I have put in my leave in. Then after Ive put my gel in I do a quick comb again after putting in gel. Then I rake/finger comb my clumps back in. I only comb maybe 10 strokes total.
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As true of many others, I comb my hair whenever I soak it in the shower, which is anywhere from three to five times a week (closer to five if I'm going out every day).

I shampoo my hair or do a conditioner wash, rinse thoroughly, then add more conditioner. Next, I comb through my hair using a wide-toothed Goody plastic comb then I use a Goody plastic bush that looks like a Denman.

It takes me about 10 minutes. I thought I was unusual!

I rinse out that application of conditioner. I apply more as a leave-in, add some gel or oil and then do the "Super Soaker" technique.

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no problem!!!!!!!

I have not combed my hair in,,,oh say about 3 weeks now and I have not noticed any peppercorn balls on the end of my hair since....I use my fingers and it works fine for me...its detangled, defined, and growing....
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i gave up my combing a few weeks ago as well and since doing so I've noticed FANTASTIC things emerging from my head! namely in the form of perfect little spiral curls. I only finger detangle when I cowash...with a lot of condish applied...

I have to say, it has made me so much happier!!
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