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Does anyone else have this problem...?

I guess this is a vent, but my friends who have perms always complain about the amount of proucts I put in my hair. I have to explain to them that my hair drys out, and frizzes. I do not mind frizziness when I wear my hair back in a headband but when i wear it out, i like to be frizz free. Also my hair is thick so it seems like i am putting alot of products, and she likes the dry natural look opposed to the slick uniformed shiney curls. Each Product serves a purpose in combating my frizz problem.
Why do your friends care about how many products you use on your hair? It's on your head! I say do what's best for your hair, because you know what works and what doesn't. Plus it's sitting on your head, not theirs.

I do see various "less is more" posts (not here, necessarliy). But I think you should give your hair as much moisture or product as it needs to be healthy, and to look and feel good. That varies from person to person. I apply moisturizer very liberally - my hair soaks it up, and it thanks me by being healthy and soft.[/i]
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Totally agree with spiral-nc. Its your hair and you do what you feel is right for your hair. Also taking care of permed hair and taking care of naturally curly hair are totally different.
ITA with spiral-nc. It's your hair, it's natural not straight, and requires totally different upkeep from chemically processed hair. And what product(s) and how much of them I use on my hair can differ from day to day. As long as the products are healthy for my hair and don't cause build-up (petrolatum/eum, mineral oil, silicone, lanolin, paraffins/waxes), I'm good to go.

If you want slick, uniform curls, go for it. If you want more volume and a frizzier look, do it. That's the beauty of having this type of hair.
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Why are they complaining about the products you're using on yourhair? Do you complain to them about chemically processing their hair??? Ridiculous...
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Thanks everyone, i keep telling myself and them that it is my choice and I am enjoying my hair. I get compliments on my hair all the time and I love sharing my journey with others. I could care less about what they have in their hair or how they wear it. Yes, when you have curly hair you need more moisture (especially mine since it is so thick) and with permed hair it looks better dry. One of them has a perm and has been wearing pretty much in the same hair style for over 10 years. Her daughter had beautiful curly hair and she permed it because it was much easier for her to maintain.

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