My hair may be ruined help.

Ladies I put in cornrows with synthetic hair about 2 weeks ago and my hair looks a mess. Its matted, dry, hard and there is little to no curl left. The lady blew dry my hair and probably used a cheap shampoo in my hair, when she tried to detangle my hair. My hair became a tangle mess. My hair is usually never hard to detangle. She later on blew dry my hair and braided it and when I took them down my hair seemed different. I washed it yesterday and its just dry and hard. Please tell me what I can do. I feel like I have to start over now. My hair was so beautiful before and now its just literally ugly. I'll probably co wash today and do a heavy deep condition treatment. Anyway please help me.
That's about all you can do. It's probably the synthetic hair--it dried out and tangled my hair badly too when I wore twists with extensions last year.

It took me about a week of DT/condition washing, and whole head baggying at night to restore my moisture balance. Don't use anymore SLS shampoo, if you used some to clarify your hair. Give it a little time--it does take your hair a minute to recover from stuff like this. Good luck.
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I agree with Cheleigh. Just keep pumping moisture into your hair.
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i agree as well! do smth really moisturizing, like egg and mayo or olive oil and avocado.
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