I'm not sure if we're all really talking about the same thing (or maybe we're talking about a few things all at once). But everyone has made good and interesting points, and I'm glad that the discussion has remained civil. Too often, any discussion featuring the words multiracial or biracial seem to go haywire for some reason.

Anyway, I guess what I was trying to say is what Matchless Curls said:

"I'm really not trying to say that everyone within a certain "race" or "ethnicity" or even a combination of them will always have a certain hair type. I just think that there are some commonalities and, thus, social perceptions. That's all."

When you're talking black, white, mixed, whatever - it's all about perceptions. Which is why I rarely get involved in discussions about race - it's like arguing about a myth, it's not real in the first place. Same with hair catagories- they're made up based on perception. But the perceptions do exist among people, whether they're right or wrong.

Whatever issues the BB owner may have with her hair texture (I think she said she would rather be a 3a) those are her issues, and I hope that she can grow to accept her hair texture - it's beautiful, just like everyone else's. Like most forum discussions where both race and hair texture are brought up, I think that one took a turn for the worse without anyone meaning it to. It seemed like she was just trying to describe her texture, but was also projecting her issues surrounding it. The other posters picked up on that and reacted to it (understandably) and then it just too off from there.

Mariposa, as far as multiracial possibly meaning Chinese and Swedish, that's true. But in North America, it's more commonly assumed to mean Black and White, in most cases, because the racial/social template of North America is B&W (Especially in the U.S. unfortunately). And I guess also because that mix is the touchiest mix, socially speaking.
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