I read a post a few weeks back on REBOUND. All I have to say is THANK YOU!!! I purchased KCCC but it made my hair hard and it also looked wet. I had also purchased the REBOUND. I have to say using it alone made my hair soft,curly and moisturized.Cut down on frizz and bulk. I also tested it with a dab of KCCC and it was even more perfect! The REBOUND was only $3.99. I purchased the last jar at my Walgreens. Now I may have to purchase online as they don't carry it anymore.

It's a shame the products I love are usually discontinued or difficult to get. Anyway, if you want soft pretty hair, I do highly recommend as things like AG FF,Carol's Daughter,KCCC, as pricey as they are to me are not working as well as some of the less expensive hair products.

REBOUND is my new HG. I only wish I had found it sooner instead of spending so much money on other stuff.
Which rebound...gel activator, shining and conditioner, etc
The REBOUND Activator Gel is what I use. Today, I put on omne side my AG Fast food and on the other REBOUND Instant moiturizer. The first time I used it. Anyway, I think the side with the REBOUND moisturizer and Activator gel looks better. I will try to post a pic next week as I have to borrow a camera.

My hair looked so good some latino guy stopped me and said "your hair is gorgeous". I think I will stick with the REBOUND,but scared now it will be discontinued cause that's what happens to all the stuff I love!!!
I can't find this @ Walgreens. Do you know anywhere else that it can be purchased?
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Me @ 6 mos. looking just like my son

Would you mind posting the ingredients? I can't find them. Thanks.
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