Hey curlies! Update on my hair status and some advice needed

What's up? I haven't very active lately (just posting in the off-topic section) but I felt like giving a little update.

Once I get batteries for my digital camera, I'll be taking some pics of my hair. My hair has gotten very long! It's down to my shoulders when semi-wet with product and only a little bit above my shoulders when dry (the longer my hair gets, the less shrinkage it seems).

The sad part is my ends are sooooo frizzy and split ends are taking over. Haha. I have to get a hair cut and a good inch or two chopped off. My mom thinks two inches but I'm too scared. When you tell a hairdress two inches, it really turns out to be 3 or 4. I'm going to get my hair cut next week and I want to get a blow out too. I haven't straightened my hair in a year and a half and I'm really curious to see how long it really is when it's straight.

Anyway, my scalp is really dry. I have excema on my neck and I think it's creeping towards to my scalp. Does anyone know of a way too help it? Or at least calm down the itchiness? I tried rubbing olive oil and my mom just shampoo'ed the heck out of my hair (she thinks I just have dandruff not excema). It's not itchy right now but I know it will be in a few more days.
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)
I had eczema and my dermatologist rx'd a cream called Elidel. It helped a great deal! I don't know of anything OTC, however. HTH!
Loving my natural 4a curls, coils and squiggles!
Nice to see you back around these parts!

Taking evening primrose internally and topically should help mild eczema. Calendula (marigold) flowers and burdock root are also supposed to be excellent. You can buy them as topical preparations in health food stores, or mix up your own by soaking the herbs in the base oil of your choice for a month. A lot of people also crush, then slow boil the burdock root and drink it but it's soooo bitter!

Thanks for your advice!
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)

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