Ok, I decided to try CO/honey about 3 weeks ago. I LOVED IT!

I haven't done a DT for 6-8 weeks (I'm being lazy). I've been using Elucence for a few months and it is my HG. But lately my hair was a little dry, not bad, but I noticed. On a whim I thought I'd try the honey mixed in my CO. I did not rinse it all out. Then added just a drop of honey with a little tiny bit of Elucence again as a leave-in. My hair was soft with NO crunch/crispy feel like it is when dry. Day after day of using 60/40 CO/honey, I got soft hair. 2 days ago, I didn't use honey just to see if it REALLY made a difference. I got dry hair again. Then I noticed that my hair was a little lighter. Not good, as I color my hair and I don't want my color to leach out. I didn't know that honey can lighten. So looking here, I found some curlies use Molasses instead. I tried it yesterday.....again SOFT BOUNCY hair. I didn't care for the slight lingering smell of the molasses, but I can LIVE with it b/c of the results I get. I'm hooked. Honey/Molasses is my HG! I told my SIL about it and she tried it (she is a near straighty) and she LOVED it!
pw: wavehead
3a/3b, 2b underneath M/Ciii, coarse crown
Currently BRHG, SIF