It is not so much the products as it is the technique. I have found technique is the key to consistent hair regardless of what product I use, although finding a good product helps a lot.

Let me critique your technique and then I will give you some suggestions. This is what I do to get my hair looking like it does in the picture under my name. *i know it is small*

brush hair after showering, put in a decent amount of Wired, brush again.
Don't brush hair. That will just separate the curls and disrupt the curl pattern. Frizz factor in effect.

Blowdry until 90% dry
Do you use a diffuser? What setting is your dryer on?

Then put in a bunch more Wired in sections, brush hair and pull resistant parts so they loosen up, finish drying.
Brushing hair at 90% dry is a receipe for frizzy hair.

My suggestions:

Do not brush hair. That is going to cause frizz. In order to get tangles out, wash and condition your hair. When you are ready to wash out condish, flip head over and while rinsing out hair, wide-tooth comb your hair to ensure all tangles are out. Keep your head flipped over during this WHOLE process.

I am not familiar with Wired. Is it a gel or cream? If it is a gel then... on dripping wet hair , scrunch in your product. Divide your hair into 3 even parts and scrunch in products evenly. As you scrunch in gel, you will be squeezing out extra water. This is good... the "squish" is good. If Wired is a cream, then lightly blot your hair so that drippies are gone. Then scrunch in product following the gel directions.

Dry hair with a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment that is put on the nozzle of the dryer. It looks like a bowl. Follow the pixiecurl method of drying hair which is below.

here's the method i've found for maximizing curls/volume and minimizing frizz:

flip hair upside down and put hair from front middle section (closest to forehead in the bowl of the diffuser, and hold bowl all the way against scalp so it is "scrunching" your curls for you. THEN i turn the dryer on, pressing the cool shot whenever it gets too hot for my scalp. i then TURN IT OFF before removing the bowl from my scalp. then i go to the front right section and repeat, then front left, then flip right side up and get the underside, then flip back upside down and get anywhere i missed. i don't diffuse until 100% dry, and it doesn't look quite right until it's finished airdrying all the way and i flip upside down and scrunch again.

the key is only having the blowdryer on when the bowl is against your scalp because this minimizes your hair getting blown around and thus minimizes frizz.

Once hair is 80% dry only then can you flip your head upright. You should have nice big loose curls.

Hope this helps.