Ok...so I can't figure out how to put my picture up in my message, so hopefully putting up some links will work.
First one will be 7/26/07...I did a co-wash and then conditioned and "raked/combed" through my hair with my fingers...ouch! I rinsed and then did a salt water rinse and after I was done and my hair was soaking I used about 4 puddles of Angell.This would be my 2nd day of Modified CG...until I can get everything to be fully CG



Next is the front of my hair on the same day...usually the more problematic area...as you can see the sides for some reasons don't curl even though I do the same exact things and scrunch the same way...and for all of you who saw my other post...there is my dreaded baby hairs on my forehead!!! Sorry about the pic but wasn't having a good "face" day.


Finally...this was a few days ago with my "2nd Day Hair"...

So first of all, hopefully you guys will get to see these pics if I did it correctly. 2nd, your opinions one what type of hair that I am...I am saying a 2C but I am not sure...and last, if anyone's got any good tips for me now that you see what my hair looks like...I am waiting for a bottle of Re:coil to come so maybe that will give me some real curls ***HOPING***

Hope this works...Thanks my new curly family!!!!
I am currently a 2C who wants to be a 3...I'm trying for anything that will make my limp boring waves into bouncy curls...ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!