I need any advice you all have to give.
I recently moved from Denver to Phoenix, and my skin and hair are both suffering (as well as my waist line since it's too hot to do anything outside).
Right now I use Body wealth shampoo and conditioner, Tigi Ego boost leave in conditioner, Matrix contouring milk ( sucks I don't much care for it).
When I have time I put Aveda custom control in my hair and do BIG twists, let it air dry then finger through when it's finally dry. It looks alot like SJP's hair in season 6 of SATC.
I used to be a religious straightener or I would pull my hair back super tight.
I'd love any suggestions on loose updo's or how to accomplish my SATC look with less effort or even how to get it almost 2a ish (with minimal effort of course).
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!