Hey Josie,
I tried talking to you last night in the chat room Anyway, I like your hair, and perhaps maybe the front sides aren't curling because they are a little drier than the rest of your hair? It might take a a few weeks to total pop out the curl i would think. I'm new to CG also, and I have alottt to learn but i've been coming to this site everyday since i've become CG and i've been learning several things every time I love it BTW. (I need to take some proper pics) But here's an example of mine today-taken from the front)

Keep on conditioning and see what happens I've been experimenting little by little... Still a bit scared but so far it's been going well...
See how my front curls are not as curly as the ones in the back. Maybe it has to do with length and also with the fact that it's bleached alot more in the front... I noticed the parts of my hair that are over bleach from the overhighlighting tend to be straighter and not curl as much as the rest of my hair that isn't as highlighted. SUCKS. But I think i'm going back to dark in a month to let my hair rest awhile with the color.
Hope that helped... [/img]
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