Honey- I add this to almost every conditioner I use. Always adds at least 50% to the moisturizing ability.

Coconut oil: I add this to conditioner for pre-wash treatments and it really penetrates the hair and over time makes it stronger.

A slippery conditioner (Devacurl One C or Wet N Wavy conditioner, but really anything that gives me good slip).

Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Gel-Very smoothing, liquidy but dense gel, CANNOT flake. I don't use this as a gel, but as a leave in, but I've read rave reviews for it as a styler.

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner- *The* leave in for styling from wet hair, or when heat styling.

One thick gel and one light one, so my hair never gets too used to one (type of) styler. The thick ones I like are from Fantasia IC and most Ecostyler gels.

Any cocobetaine low-poo for clarifying (long as it isn't too conditioning-those types tend to build up on my hair)

Oh and my Denman D4 brush, great for detangling and smoothing product through thick hair like mine.