babycurlsss: thanks for checking up on me well, i attempted the bun method yesterday but it didn't work so well. the top parts of my curls were indeed stretched out the way i like them, but they were fuzzy and didn't have good definition. somehow, the bottoms of each wave were tight ringlets. it almost looked like i was growing out a perm, heh. mind you, i don't exactly have the best haircut right now, so that probably has something to do with it. ah well, if at first ....

ava: i'm with you 100% about brushing = frizz hell. but recently i've found that i can brush with minor frizz impact if i slather on rusk wired after my hair has either air dried of diffuse dried to about 80%. i did this sometime last week and had ridiculously soft, stretched out 2A waves -- at least on part of my canopy i usually diffuse with a bowl diffuser on the cool & low setting.

ava, i tried your method with some v. surprising results i did almost exactly what you said step by step -- and got perfect sproingy 3a/b thin curls. yep, what many people *want* and exactly what i'm trying to forget sprouts out of my poor little head!! i think i've learned that diffusing for me = instant thin, separated curls. i'm wondering if i don't get loose curls from this method because my hair is fine, but has tremendous tensile strength. so it's not heavy enough to loosen out to waves and sproings back up easily.

%^@#$%^%&#&^$!! back to the drawing board.
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