My hair has been at it's curliest. I'm not sure which product is doing it...
I've done some changing. Every morning I wet down my hair and use a bit of condish - Nature's gate, the jojoba one. I put a small dab of this extremely light gel made by St. Ives and unfortunately it has been discontinued Then a few sprays of boing spray (which is now awe inspirling spray) and diffuse til almost dry. I don't touch it while it's air drying and when it's dry, I lift and fluff with fingers. WAY curly all day long.
I've been washing with low poo 1-2 times a week and wash with RC shampoo once a week - the one for hard water.
I hope this keeps up!

P.S. I had to stop using the suave anti frizz cream, it was making my hair like straw.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b