First off sorry this is going to be longÖbut I promise there is a point to explaining all this

So about maybe 6 years ago my parents got me a perm to help unify my curls and even though they were frizzy they were consistent. Then maybe about four years after that I found the cg book. Now I donít know how that one perm lasted so long maybe the top was always really crappy and the perm fixed it I am not sure. Cause I had one perm after that to try to get spiral curls but I am not sure how far after the cg book it was. (I really wanted a specific spiral that they didnít provide). But after the cg book my hair was beautiful and curly. I dyed it blonde occasionally but it still kept its texture.

So anyways my hair texture has changed significantly and I have no idea why. Its become super flat on the top and went from a 3a to almost a 2b. The curls lack and definition and just like to frazzle no matter the season. Its just as bad humid as it is cold weather. It also gets horribly tangled and I have to usually comb it wet in the shower it looks slightly better than the let it fall in its natural pattern as described in the book. And somehow its stringy looking and frizzy at the same time. So extremely frustrated I changed from my typical simple tresemme C conditioner and tresemee soft curl gel. So after this period I tried a few different things though I donít remember all the combinations. First was I thought I had build up so I used suave shampoo that had sulfates in it when it was just as flat and crappy as every I tried ACV which didnít seem to work either. So next I tried plopping as many suggested and it was just a matted mess. Diffused it with the diffuser head and it was really odd the frizz curled great but the rest of my hair limp as a noodle did it upside down and right side up. Then someone talked me into cutting from bellow my ribcage to my shoulders said that would make it perk up because it looked weighed down. It didnít curl an inch and well I hate short hair on me. I tried the Mop Top trial packet and it was less frizzy and the wave was a little more defined but still it was flat and limp. After I used that up (cause I didnít have the money for more) So now I am using Burts Bees Supershiny Grapefruit and sugar beet Shampoo, GF sleek and shine and aussie aussome volume spray gel (I used aloe vera gel before and HE with this combo once but with all of the following it looked the same) There is a possibility that maybe we have hard water but I used ACV and that didnít help.

I am just so utterly frustrated I liked my hair before and now it looks like crap no matter what I try. And not only that I think my hair is falling out. So my fine spare hair is getting thinner. I am so frustrated I am about to shave my head and purchase a wig. Any and all comments are GREATLY appreciated. And I hope my post isnít too confusing.
Here are pictures to help visualize the problem
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Hair Type: 2b/3a, baby fine, porous
Current Routine: DevaCurl NoPoo DevaCurl One Conditioner