my hair always seemed to have very uneven curly patterns too and especially on the canopy fronts - tended to frizz out or look dry. I've only been doing this about 10 days but here is what I did that I think made a difference:

1. First I only plopped for a minute or two and then let my hair dry naturally. Well for me, with super fine hair, the water weighed it down and it looked blah. So now I plop (keep in a microfiber turban) longer and diffuse about 5-10 min. This helped with body and frizz.

2. I was combing my hair out (and sometime not) and putting gel on after getting out of the shower and the towel. Under the advice of someone here I decided to comb in the shower with devaone in my hair, then rinse, flip over and apply my gel on sopping wet hair and OMG what a difference - much more even and defined curl.

Also, each day my hair tends to look less frizzy and damaged, so keep it up and see. Your second day hair looks soo much curlier! Wow! My hair is too fine for good second day hair I think!

BTW your hair is pretty - love the length and thickness *envious* - just keep conditioning and try some different techniques with styling. And you don't look anything like a BOY!
very fine hair-daily humidity battle
2B so far, wash daily w/gentle poo, clarify wkly
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