I'm curious about the difference between an ion or whatever type Conair, Revlon or other brand you could find at Wal-Mart or Target, and a high-priced brand you could find on Folica.

Do the brand name ones, like Chi or whatever, work any better, as in: Is the user's hair any shinier than with previous dryers? Is it any softer/silkier than with previous dryers? Do the newer versions of ion dryers last any longer than the previous versions?

I have a Conair Ion Shine 1875. I bought it when I was in a pinch. It's not very powerful so it takes me a long time to dry my hair. It has a single duct or whatever the tube is called. I love that it came with a spot attachment & a diffuser. Both clip/snap on perfectly.

I've noticed newer ions have two ion ports or chutes, compared to mine with one. I've noticed newer dryers are more powerful. Some have different heat & speed settings. All seem to have the cold or cool shot button, even if they have a cool/cold heat setting, which seems redundant.

I thought about buying a higher-end more powerful version so I could get my hair dry faster, but noticed the ones I found on Folica don't come with diffusers. I don't want to drive to so many stores looking for one that will fit perfectly. I also don't want to look high & low on-line for one that might not even fit or it fits, at first & then falls off.

What about ceramic dryers, are they better than ions?