I have always used Ionic dryers.. i do find my hair/curls come out better/no frizz then with a dryer that doesnt have ionic. And my hair does dry more faster . But with my gel it does take a lil bit longer to dry for some strange reason, i can use a diff gel and my hair would dry quicker. but i dont mind since this gel works wonders so i can take a longer drying time. I got my dryer and walmart and its 1875 with the norm cool shot and such ( i think it was like $12 ). nothing too special other than its light weight so it doesnt tired my arm out .The diffuser snaps on perfect and doesnt blow my hair around at all and the bowl is big enough to cup my hair inside but if u get a diffuser with less fingers and too many holes in it it will blow your hair around alot. I found that mistake out on my last dryer so i make sure the diffuser has more scrunching finger and less holes. I wouldnt buy a high end dryer since i know u can get a cheaper version and it works just the same. I have been happy with my cheapy dryers thru the years and so has my curls.
Modified CG-Use Low Poo
Use Suaves & VO5 Condish For CG-Honey+ Condish=My curls are loving it!
*Suave gels ( love crunchy gels )*My HGs-Re:coil, Jessicurls , Boots , Loreal Spiral Curl Mousse, Tigi Amp*

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