I put that it looks good all year round not because I'm vain but because I know what to do and not to do all year round to make it look good.

But in terms of how healthy it actually IS and the least effort needed, definitely summer. I love the softness of my hair in summer and the humidity keeps it moisturized. In winter it is dry and so it is harder to avoid brittle hard hair and more work to get it to be soft.
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My hair looked good all year long when it was texturized, but then I went natural. So far, no regrets! I'm loving it and I'm having fun!

It looks very healty all year long, but it's very curly on humid day. Hopefully, it'll continue to look good all year round once it natural for you, it didn't for me. All I know is that when I do have a great hair day, I feel as if i hit the jackpot!
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