Botticella- Ill try the placenta packages Ive used them before preCG and they worked really well I am not sure why I didnt think to try them lol.
Thank you for the clip tips too I am going to try them dont know how well I broke my right thumb and its in a splint right now but I can start trying it. Thanks so much for the tips I post some pics to show you how it worked out.
Brio-Yea I think all the hair that was permed was cut off. Because the last time I had a perm was probably about 3 years ago and I had about a foot took off I didnít measure it could have been more.
As for the hard water would it be easier to get like a facet head that maybe filters hard water? I donít know if they make things like that but I did see a previous post that showed like hard water zones and I am in a very hard water zone. How would I test for hard water?
I have to go to the dr here soon so Ill think I talk to about the hair falling out part. I am not sure how much hair loss is healthy but it seems like almost a handful or more every time I take a shower.
Hair Type: 2b/3a, baby fine, porous
Current Routine: DevaCurl NoPoo DevaCurl One Conditioner