I'm not sure about the faucet filters. If you do a search on the BB, I think you'll get some hits. I believe I have seen some discussion on this. I think I have soft water, so I've never paid too much attention to this topic of hard water.

I've never tested my own water or inquired about it to any extent. I have just flirted with the idea because I am curious if I have soft water.

That link I posted previously sells a kit that has some testing supplies and you can do it yourself. I think it costs about $20, but it also comes with hair products. You can probably buy the testing supplies elsewhere, I just don't know where because I haven't really investigated. A county or city governmental agency (public works, water board) might be able to help you out.

As for hair loss, a person loses about 100 hairs/day. When you don't brush your hair, most of it comes out in the shower when you clean your scalp or apply co. Especially since your hair is long, it makes it seems like you are losing a whole lot of hair.

I always get a big blob of hair every day in the shower. It seems like a lot, and it used to worry me, but now I think it's normal for me and my hair is not thinning. So, for me, I wouldn't worry too much about how much hair comes out in the shower. I'd worry if my hair seemed to be getting thinner and sparser. (Does that make sense?)

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