I'm curious about the difference between an ion or whatever type Conair, Revlon or other brand you could find at Wal-Mart or Target, and a high-priced brand you could find on Folica.

Do the brand name ones, like Chi or whatever, work any better, as in: Is the user's hair any shinier than with previous dryers? Is it any softer/silkier than with previous dryers? Do the newer versions of ion dryers last any longer than the previous versions?

I have a Conair Ion Shine 1875. I bought it when I was in a pinch. It's not very powerful so it takes me a long time to dry my hair. It has a single duct or whatever the tube is called. I love that it came with a spot attachment & a diffuser. Both clip/snap on perfectly.

I've noticed newer ions have two ion ports or chutes, compared to mine with one. I've noticed newer dryers are more powerful. Some have different heat & speed settings. All seem to have the cold or cool shot button, even if they have a cool/cold heat setting, which seems redundant.

I thought about buying a higher-end more powerful version so I could get my hair dry faster, but noticed the ones I found on Folica don't come with diffusers. I don't want to drive to so many stores looking for one that will fit perfectly. I also don't want to look high & low on-line for one that might not even fit or it fits, at first & then falls off.

What about ceramic dryers, are they better than ions?

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i bought a high end chi dryer from AnnMarie. I cringed at the price tag but every time I went in to see her, she used that dryer on me and I got no frizz as she was drying and my hair felt different. My old walmart dryer was kind of crappy.
So.... I really like the dryer. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have different heat settings. you either have heat or the cool shot button. I really like how it is made as far as holding the handle part. It is angled to fit your hand well. The cool shot which ends up being warm works well tho.
It came with a diffuser but I llike my old one better.

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