Hi: I've been watching this site for quite a while and have even posted, asking questions but have never introduced myself. I don't know how many "mature" ladies you have as members but I'm 59yrs old, act about 36yrs old, with fine 3a/b hair. Right now I'm wearing it quite short because I have recently finished chemotherapy and although I didn't lose my hair, it became very dry and actually lost some of its curl. So, I thought I'd get it cut short and go from there. I have 2 children and 3 fabulous grandchildren and we all have curly hair. I'd like advice on what products would work best with my fine 3a/b hair. Everything seems to weigh it down and I can't use anything with any kind of wax even though I love the piecey look. I've looked at some of the pics but most are of longer hair, any members with short curly styles??
Great site, best I've found for curly hair. Very encouraging and supportive.