I just wanted to quiz those of you who use honey.

How much do you use?
Do you mix it with anything, and if so, what?
How long do you leave it in your hair?
What does it do for you?
How often do you use it?
Does it matter what type of honey you use?

I saw the recent post about honey lightening hair if it's left on for approximately 8 hours, but there was no discussion about how to use it for other than lightening.

I started mixing it with my conditioner a few days ago. I leave it in during my shower and then rinse it out. So far it seems to be making my hair curlier and less frizzy. My husband was kind of grossed out when he found out I was putting honey in my hair, but he had to admit my hair has become curlier lately.

Please share!!
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy