I wanted to say hello that im new to the group. I just had a baby about 3month's ago.I gained quite abit of weight and I hate it. Im ready to loose it. I've tried in the past but even time i get started i get off the bandwagon. Now Im ready to get back on and get my a$$ in gear. I wanted to know what exercises can i do o loose the baby fat from my stomach. Also here is alittle bit about me. I eat seafood, fish, beans,eggs and lot's of veggies. I dont eat meat or chicken. Im trying to become vegetarian but im not quite there yet. Also I drink lot's of water but I guess
that dosent help when I drink soda. Also I cant stop eating candy(s0rry but i have a sweet tooth. So i decided to keep track of what i eat starting today. So far it hasent been good
WholeWheat Begal/Cream cheese
piece of cookie
I know it not g ood
Lets hope the rest of the day i can do better.
My goals are too
Exercise more
Limit my sweets or stop them all togeher
Drink more water
Loose this weight LOL
Oh my current weight is
115-Lowest weight
58lbs to loose
Goal weight 115
3B-Hair Type
Follower of the CG Routine Since 07/26/25