If you want your hair to look less "big" then you could go to Jonathan Torch but I don't like the pictures of women that he's cut because their hair looks so flat and lifeless.

I go to David Hillis at Yonge north of Eglinton and he's always been marvellous. He also has a woman at his salon who specializes in curls (she's also a curlyhead and knows about this site!). Her name is Alannah and she's marvellous. After years of using David, I'm moving over to her because she knows curls so well.

The number for David Hillis salon is 416-480-9194.

I can also tell you that he has two marvellous aestheticians and if you want colour, David auditions each of his colourists really carefully before he hires them. (I've been following David around for 18 years, so I know a bit about his methods)

Good luck!