Ooooh that NY Times article is INFURIATING! They really need to be inundated with curly replies and feel the heat of curly outrage! I'd like them to see some of the threads here and especially to see the pictures of all the GORGEOUS curls and waves on all the gorgeous women on this site. And to see how dramatic a difference the proper care can make to dry brittle frizzed-out hair. That kind of curl-bashing is really offensive and I also think at the root is a kind of racism and a fear of the "other" or of women who are nonconformist. New York is full of curly and wavy-haired women -- to try to instill a sense of inadequacy in them and pitch a $600 formaldehyde-and-450-degree treatment on them and all of us is appalling. --Where's that emoticon for riled up & spitting mad/foaming at mouth??!
Also, I think Lorraine and Ouidad and all those folks should write letters to the Times. If anybody is going to Devachan soon, would you ask if they saw that piece and what they thought about it?

As an antidote, did you guys see this great little essay by a writer for Esquire magazine -- a male writer? It was posted here just the other day. We should send him a group love letter. Here's the link -- I think it'll make you feel better.
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