Well, gee, why didn't I think of dunking my hair in embalming fluid and broiling it with an iron? This article is truly an inspiration to us all. The curl-bashing thing is pretty recent, as far as history goes. Prior to the sixties or seventies, girls and women with pin-straight hair, like my mom, were told that their hair was too ugly to be worn long or that they should get a perm or something.

Telling women that aspects of their physical appearance has been a mainstay of marketing since marketing existed, though. Standards of beauty change from year to year, but making money off of people's insecurity never will. If companies constantly told us that we could do what we wanted with our hair and that we were beautiful without their help, they'd have nothing to sell us.

I'm all for women being able to do what they want with their hair. If all it really takes to get a little self-esteem is $600, a solution of denatured protein and embalming fluid, and a 450 degree iron, why not go for it? Personally, though, I think that doing your best to work with what you have is a lot less troublesome and a lot less expensive.