Yes, most mornings.

Oh, wait, you mean shampoo (j/k.) Yes, once a week or every two weeks with a gentle formula. Once in a while I'll conditioner wash once or twice in between with Suave Coconut in the summer or dampen my hair in the shower.

My top two brands are Kiehl's shampoos. I either use the Castile dry hair formula or the Amino Acid gentle formula. I LOVE them. I also like the Elucence Moisture Balancing formula a lot (not the clarifying, it was was too drying.) I also have the L'anza dry hair formula and the Aubrey Organics Island Fantasy formula, which are fine. I have a huge industrial size bottle of Creme of Nature that I used to love but can no longer use because it was causing my scalp to itch. Once in a while I'll use the Aveda Black Malva or Sap Moss shampoos - not often as they are not as gentle.

I have way less shampoos than anything else as I have tossed most of the rest that I used to have or given them away or my husband is using them.

I voted for the sulfate-free lathering shampoo because that is what the Kiehl's brands are, though the lather is very light, but I do use low sulfates as well (the L'anza and Aveda shampoos, for example) and the Aubrey Organics is sulfate-free and non-lathering.
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