I was a bald baby. My mom said I had hair and then it fell out. (dramatically aparently) I had a head of tight curls. My first haircut was at age 5. I remember it. Somewhere in my mom's house there is an envelope of my hair from that hair cut! Later on when I was about 7 or 8 my hair got less curly. I always wanted it to go back to the way it was before my first haircut!

You know when I was about two or three my hair was so short and curly that I sometimes looked like a little boy. My mom told me this awful story about that. Once we were out at a restaurant or someplace, she had dressed me in a dress. Some guy said to her, "Why do you cut her hair like that!! She looks like a little boy!" :x My mom was so mad. She said she just could imagine what if it wasn't just growing like that what if he said that to someone who's child's hair was growing back from chemo or something. She just thought it was the most stupid and obnoxious comment.

Although the good thing about looking like a boy until I was three was that I could go to the bathroom with my dad. Ah 1980's kid clothes you could never tell! You know Izod shirts in yellow and white stripes and jeans!
My hair is a mix of 2b/3a and even a bit of 3b thrown in! I would call my hair wavycelli. It curls most when I leave it alone after wet scrunching. My hair has a spring factor of about 2 or 3 inches and has a very silky, medium texture.